Need Unlimited WordPress Updates?

“Finally You Can Fire Your Webmaster & Get Unlimited WordPress Updates & Changes For Only $149/mo!!”


Dear Friend,

Is it time to FIRE your webmaster?

Forgive my bluntness, but the fact that you’re on this page now tells me that you have problems with your wordpress support provider and you WANT to solve them fast.

I don’t want to waste your time and bore you with a long story. Let’s get down to the point shall we? I KNOW how to solve your problem of updating or changing your website in a timely manner because I was in your position before.

I was very frustrated back then as I could not find a TIMELY and AFFORDABLE wordpress webmaster to provide updates/changes or tweaks to my website. I’ve tried local web design companies, and I have tried outsourcing too… and I got really fed up!


Because a decent webmaster who can provide affordable and fast wordpress changes, updates or tweaks is very hard to find!

How does waiting 3 weeks for an update to your website sound? Only to find out it cannot be done or will cost you extra?


So I decided to piece together the solution that WORKS FOR ME so that folks like yourself who have frequent website updates or changes can really solve it once and for all, without having to sift through all the bad webmasters just to find one that works.

After putting together a quality team of webmasters (myself included) we have come up with the perfect solution:

Here’s How Our Unlimited WordPress Updates Program Works:

With our Unlimited WordPress Updates program, you’ll get a PROVEN team of webmasters NOT AFRAID to work hard for your business and provide changes/updates to your website as fast as humanly possible. (I know because I’ve tried and tested them, and use them every day!):

  • Never worry about getting charged extra for requesting too many updates/changes to your site again!

  • Send us UNLIMITED # of changes with each support request! Make the list as long as you need!

  • Request UNLIMITED # of support tickets for changes/updates to your website every month!

  • Pay ONLY a flat-rate-fee for this service, NO MATTER HOW MUCH WORK WE DO!

  • NEVER PAY HOURLY for webmaster support or website updates/changes again!

  • The MORE CHANGES YOU REQUEST, the more BANG you get for your BUCK!

Here’s Some of the Things You Can Get Done Using Our Unlimited WordPress Updates Program:

Use our Unlimited WordPress Updates service to get done everything you want done to your website! We can provide all kinds of website update and change services including:

  • We’ll make UNLIMITED UPDATES to the SEO properties in your website, either using a long list of specific page-by-page and element-by-element changes or you can just give us a general guideline as to what keywords you want your website to focus on and we’ll make the changes on all pages.

  • We’ll make UNLIMITED DESIGN changes, updates and tweaks to your website, as much as you want to your heart’s content… including editing graphics, images and CSS coding, all of which affect the design, look and feel of your website. The best part is you’ll get to see the results live every step of the way!

  • We’ll post UNLIMITED CONTENT UPDATES to your site, including new blog posts, informative articles, new pages for SEO and more… you just provide the text, and we’ll make sure that it’s posted with proper SEO.

  • We’ll handle UNLIMITED ECOMMERCE WEBSITE UPDATES for your inventory changes, including adding new products, editing existing products, etc.

  • We’ll post UNLIMITED PHOTO UPDATES to your website no matter how frequently you need them done or how many you have to get added every time, we’ll handle adding unlimited photos to your website with ease!

  • Have FREQUENT WEBSITE CHANGES that need to be done on a recurring basis? No problem, let us handle it! We can make changes daily, weekly, or monthly if you MUST have it posted on your website every time and it needs to be done fast, we can make sure it gets done no matter how often you need it!

  • Do you need CONSTANT WEBSITE UPDATES with things like new special offers or coupons, adding blog posts and articles, new customer reviews and ratings, as well as social media signals, or any other frequent website update need? Let us handle it on an UNLIMITED basis for one flat price per month!

This is Truly Your One-Stop-Shop For Any WordPress Support Needs!

WordPress Support

- WordPress help and support can cover anything from routinely posting new content you send us, to editing text and images in post or pages, to editing wordpress themes or plugins.Submit a support ticket with a list of things you need done to your site, such as content added, things changed, updated, or removed, etc. and we will handle it all for you and report when done.

WordPress Content Management

- WordPress content is what makes your wordpress website unique. The more often you post new content to your wordpress site, the better chance you have of reaching those SEO ranking goals and getting free traffic from google to your wordpress site by being on the first page.  In addition, posting new content regularly benefits your potential customers and site visitors as well as shows them your business is active and invested or your blog is interesting and up to date.

We all know the benefits to posting new content on your wordpress website, but we also know how hard it can be to do regularly. That’s where we come in.  We provide our wordpress support members with content management services including posting new content, editing or changing or removing content, and more. Whether you need routine updates or the occassional change, we can support your wordpress content management needs without breaking the bank.

Submit a support ticket with a list of things you need done to your site, such as content added, things changed, updated, or removed, etc. and we will handle it all for you and report when done.

If you ever need additional wordpress content management support beyond what your membership plan allows, let us know! We offer additional support at a discounted rate to members only.

WordPress Theme Editing

- WordPress themes can do some powerful things, however they don’t always look how we want them to look or act how we want them to act.  We can provide editing of your wordpress theme’s look, style, or functionality as part of your wordpress support membership.  If you need more than just a small change or tweak, we can provide custom theme development or customization for a fair discounted rate to members only.

WordPress Website Maintenance Services

– It’s no secret that wordpress requires more help and maintenance as time goes on… it’s a complicated machine running on complicated hosting systems and frequently requires much more maintenance and management than the occasional or professional blogger can typically provide.

That’s where we step in. As wordpress maintenance experts, we provide daily scheduled maintenance to your wordpress site covering all needs from the floor up. As wordpress grows and your site itself ages, we routinely upgrade, update, and improve your site, files, database, hosting and email systems as needed to ensure your site continues running smoothly.

WordPress Transfers/Migrations

- We can provide wordpress transfers and migrations free of charge for members. If you need your site moved from one host to another or one domain or sub domain to another, just submit a support ticket and let us know.

You Will Save THOUSANDS of Dollars Every Year With Our Unlimited WordPress Updates Plan!:

The value I’m offering you today for my Unlimited WordPress Updates package along with all the bonuses is really a no-brainer! Hiring a full-time webmaster can easily cost you $2,000 or more per month. Hiring a part-time virtual assistant webmaster for your website updates/changes would cost you at least $300 a week! But if you purchase my Unlimited Website Updates program today, you only need to pay $149 per month FLAT RATE FEE for unlimited changes and updates – which I’m sure you’d agree is still a steal.

So go ahead and Subscribe Using the Form Below to start getting the best webmaster support team to handle all your Unlimited Website Updates today:

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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How do I request changes or updates to my website once I am a member?

This is the easiest part! Simply send your list of changes or updates to the secret support desk email address we provide once you have checked out. This will be the same email you will always use to request changes, send content, or updates to us for your website.

2.  Do you provide the content for adding/replacing on my website?

NO, we do NOT provide the content, text, images, or graphics you intend to add or replace on your website!  This is because we would have to charge much more than a small flat monthly fee so we could support a staff of writers or pay expensive stock image licensing fees.

To avoid any copyright infringement or other liabilities, WE DON’T CREATE OR PROVIDE CONTENT, only make changes/updates to your website that you have requested.

3.  Do you provide seo/marketing services?

NO, we do not provide SEO/marketing and are not responsible for the SEO/marketing of your website or business. 

We simply unlimited make changes to your website, as you request them.

We CAN provide updates or changes to the SEO properties on your site however you would be responsible for requesting what the actual change would be.

4.  How Do I Submit Update Requests Once I Join?

Once you join, you will get INSTANT access to our email address for paid members only. All support requests must be submitted via this special email address reserved specially for our paid clients.



Happy Customer Testimonials: 


“It’s nice not to have to keep up with my website all the time. I appreciate what you’ve done with your unlimited website updates plan. You handle everything quickly and correctly. Thank you!”

- [ Dave H. ]




 “The increase in response to my site since I have moved it to your care is amazing. Before if I got one call a month it was good. Now I get a couple a week. This is great!”

- [ Sean M. ]