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WordPress Help is what powers our membership plans allowing us to provide custom wordpress support to our wordpress site owners.  We provide a maximum of 1 hour of wordpress support for basic members, 5 hours for premium members, and 10 hours of wordpress support monthly for our professional members.

WordPress help and support can cover anything from routinely posting new content you send us, to editing text and images in post or pages, to editing wordpress themes or plugins.

WordPress support is provided fast and efficiently by our wordpress expert staff. Most support times are within 24-28 hours.

Submit a support ticket with a list of things you need done to your site, such as content added, things changed, updated, or removed, etc. and we will handle it all for you and report when done.

If you ever need additional support beyond what your membership plan allows, let us know! We offer additional support at a discounted rate to members only.

The Reason Why SEO Is Advantageous

By Alex Babenkov

With the internet world growing to be ever more competitive, it really is significantly tough for a new web site to achieve success. In case you might be introducing a new business, your only wish is to rank as greatly as possible on the search engine results, above the other internet sites fighting for the interest of your target audience. You will need to utilize SEO in order to be successful.

What Precisely is SEO?
SEO, or search engine optimization, is the number of procedures made to attract the attention of the search engines, so as to enhance the rankings of your internet site.

There are actually 2 kinds of SEO – on-page and off-page — and both are crucial in enabling your internet site to rank high. So as to deal with the technicalities of these processes, you will need to get the assistance of an expert.
The particular reason why you require each on-page and off-page SEO is the fact that on-page SEO optimizes the features on the webpage itself, in order to make it more friendly to the search engines, whilst off-page SEO includes procedures for boosting the site’s popularity and trustworthiness with web users.

At the start, off-page SEO is going to do you good, but in the longer run how visitors interact with your website is much more valuable.

In many cases, SEO services will begin with your on-page optimization.

Visitor Interest
Once you decide to create a site, you are going to easily find that architecture is a lot more than important – the simpler it really is to navigate, the better the optimization. The things you definitely need to consider will comprise of the navigation’s ease, the speed of the pages, and just how well the site is connected internally through links. To make it quite simple to navigate, it is desirable to use a logical structure, like a silo structure, and therefore your professional company can help with this.

The Right Keywords And Phrases
One very significant thing you need to consider for on-page optimization, is actually the fact that keywords of all forms are important, particularly when it comes to giving your visitors legitimate means to reach your web site easily. It is quite tough to discover the right keywords, and a great SEO company will be helpful with this. Additionally, you will find that it isn’t the choice of keywords which is really helpful, but just how you utilize them, specifically taking into consideration the point that you cannot stuff them and expect to obtain traffic.

It is as well important to optimize your H1 tags and ALT tags — that is, the labels provided for the images on the pages, and you will require specialized help in getting this right.

Naturally, one of the best methods you can use to optimize your site, is to have large amounts of top quality content. The content should have the keywords, but not excessively, or you are going to be penalized. In case you’re not able, or maybe don’t have time, to write the content on your own, the majority of SEO businesses do the job together with professional article writers, who know how to utilize the keywords appropriately.

Confidence is Important
Good quality content is vital for both on-page as well as off-page optimization since it will make natural inbound links. Such links play a huge role with search engines, since they are in reality posted by persons on their own websites and blogs, which considerably boosts the confidence in your site.

Everything of high quality is beneficial in the case of optimization, therefore you need to think about numerous images, videos and also infographics, aside from text.

Remain on the Social Part
The other significant aspect today for off-page optimization would be the impact of social networking. Compared to a few years ago, search engines like google right now play a major role with just about all social platforms, which must not be neglected. This is because it is probably the clearest indicator that users find your articles beneficial. For this reason a great SEO company is going to show you the benefits of motivating your visitors to bookmark you, like your Facebook page as well as retweet whatever you have on Tweeter. All the shares, likes as well as retweets are going to show the search engines that the content is worth the look and will therefore boost its status.

You must pay mind to both the regularity of the shares, as well as their authority standing. You are already aware that optimizing your internet site is just not something easy, and you should take lots of factors into account. Of course, your talent is in running your particular business, and this is definitely how you need to be spending your time and energy. With an unknown site however, there is a slim possibility that your own business will in fact make it these days. An SEO company possesses the experience as well as technical understanding to make certain your website can outrank your competitors, draw in customers and help you dominate your particular niche.

When it comes to seo tools, it’s essential to get the correct knowledge, thus investigate some stuff at seo services california. seo california can likewise offer you some typical tips.

WordPress 3.8 Gets a Beautiful Makeover! + How To Upgrade Safely

We all love wordpress platform and how it’s free, easy to use, and widely popular with developers and end-users alike. However there is a lot more work going on behind the scenes at WordPress headquarters than meets the eye. The code that runs your WordPress site is managed by WordPress.org, who keeps it bug-free and secure, gets updated dozens of times a day, as we deploy improvements. While you can’t see the vast majority of those changes, there is one improvement we can’t wait for you to see: a brand-new, redesigned WordPress 3.8 dashboard design featuring better contrast and the elegant Open Sans typeface.

The dashboard’s new design features Open Sans — the free, open source typeface by Steve Matteson offers a pleasing reading experience.

If you haven’t upgraded to WordPress 3.8 yet, you better hurry. It is available to download now.

Since this is a major revision, you’ll need to manually upgrade rather than rely on an automated update. That means logging in and hitting “Upgrade”. Remember to back-up your files and database first. I would also recommend checking plug-in and theme compatibility in an offline version of your site too.

WordPress 3.8 introduces more obvious updates. The whole administration interface has been overhauled and the interface is noticeably faster than previous versions. Most pages weigh in at less than 300Kb (compressed) with the bulkiest rarely exceeding 500Kb. I suspect it could go a little further if the team switched from JavaScript-based animations to CSS3 but it remains impressive.

Smartphone and tablet views in the admin dashboard of WordPress has been significantly improved and pretty much makes obsolete the WordPress apps which rarely work as you expect or support plug-in functionality.

The layout is fully responsive and the admin home page can be featured in a grid or slider view. It might take some getting used, but managing your theme and widget settings is easier then ever!

More changes include major bug fixes and security updates, SO MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE ASAP! A full list of all updates can be viewed at codex.wordpress.org/Version_3.8

Updating Safely To WordPress 3.8

Before upgrading to WordPress 3.8, make sure you have taken backups of your files and database.  Not all of your plugins and themes will work perfectly with the upgrades and you never know when something could not agree with it. This is mostly because some developers take longer to fix any bugs that arise due to the update.

If this kind of work is out of your league or you don’t have time for it, we can handle your wordpress 3.8 upgrade safely in a secure testing environment to ensure nothing goes awry. Signup for our wordpress updates and upgrades service today and we can handle your wordpress 3.8 upgrade safely.

Free Videos: WordPress Essential Training

WordPress Essential Training

WordPress Essential Training

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This free video course: WordPress Essential Training shows how to get the most out of the self-hosted version of WordPress and create feature-rich blogs and web sites.

Author Morten Rand-Hendriksen explains how to get a web host, set up a domain, and download, configure, and upload WordPress to your newly hosted site. The course then dives fully into the tools in WordPress, demonstrating how to set up your profile and create content to share with your web audience. The course also includes tutorials on everything from adding images, video, formatting, and links that make posts pop, to installing plug-ins, creating custom themes, and attracting readers with permalinks, social sharing, and more.

Topics Include:
  • Exploring the difference between cloud hosting and self-hosting
  • Using the WordPress toolbar
  • Editing your profile
  • Understanding how WordPress handles media
  • Customizing WordPress for smartphones and tablets
Along with the free video training tutorials you will also receive monthly offers, tips, and insider information you won’t hear elsewhere–including special discounts extended to newsletter subscribers.
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10 Most-Popular Backup Plugins for WordPress

(submitted 2013-06-14) by Ajeet

WordPress is a wonderful CMS and topmost choice for small businesses, organizations and individuals for websites and online applications. Using WordPress, the website and all the files need adequate backup for optimum growth and expansion. And that’s why backup plugins for WordPress play a major role for webmasters and users alike. In this write up, we discuss 10 most-popular backup plugins for WordPress, like:

Online Backup for WordPress

Online Backup for WordPress is a very helpful and popular backup plugin for WordPress. Using this plugin, users have a chance to easily backup their complete WordPress site to either email or desktop. More so, the complete backup can also be taken on secure servers by having free 100 MB storage.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

WordPress Backup to Dropbox is a useful backup plugin for WordPress. Using this plugin, blogs files and a SQL dump of the database are automatically uploaded to Dropbox. With this plugin, you remain tension free as your blog will be backed up for permanent basis.

XCloner – Backup and Restore

XCloner is an extremely useful and popular WordPress plugin for being a full backup and restore plugin. Using this plugin, both files and database will be backed up and restored. Designed specifically for PHP/Mysql websites, this plugin works largely as a Backup and Restore component.


BackUpWordPress is another useful plugin for WordPress for the backup purpose. It enables hassle-free and automatic backups of WordPress powered websites and applications. This plugin will back up an entire site, together with the database and all the files on a daily basis. This plugin has become quite a useful one for loads of features, simplicity in use and no need of setup.


BackWPup is a very useful backup plugin for WordPress. Using this plugin, a complete backup of WordPress-powered website is done. Some of the facilities of this plugin are Database Backup, File Backup, Storing backup to Folder, Repair Database etc.


myEASYbackup is a very useful backup plugin for WordPress with loads of features and functionalities. Using this plugin, users can easily do the Backup, restoration and migration of the WP installation. This plugin is helpful for both code and MySQL tables and it takes just a click to finish all backup related tasks.


Pressbackup is another very popular WordPress plugin for backup purpose. This plugin is often rated as the easiest available plugin that would automatically backup a WordPress-powered website. Pressbackup uses the Amazon cloud technology and enables the admin to carry out many tasks, like planning backups of the site, restoring backups and migrating the site to deal with issues.

GD Press Tools

GD Press Tools is a helpful WordPress plugin that not only works for backup purpose, but also supports other important functions as well. This plugin is basically a collection of tools for tasks like SEO, maintenance, Admin, security and Backup. Using this plugin, users can easily integrate it in admin panels and easily do maintenance operations.

wp Time Machine

Wp Time Machine is a WordPress plugin that comes for backup purposes. It makes an archive of Data & Files related to WordPress website or blog and then stores on Dropbox or on the FTP host. For perfect remote storage of WordPress data and fines, this plugin would be helpful.

WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode is another useful plugin of WordPress for backup purposes. Using thus plugin, a splash page gets added to a site so that the visitors are informed about the maintenance work underway.


Backup of a WordPress website or blog is very important to enable it optimum growth and expansion opportunity. This article lists 10 most-popular backup plugins for WordPress and invites users to add to the list.

About the Author

Ajeet Yadav is an expert in WordPress and has been following it since its launch. He is an authority on services related to converting to WordPress from PSD and regularly comments on these services. In addition he is also a expert in all things related to search engine optimization.

WordPress Help For Email List Plugins

(submitted 2011-10-15) Copyright (c) 2011 Joe Maldonado

WordPress Help For Email List Plugins Are you looking for WordPress help which can help you to find and use email list plugins?

Well, there are several online resources which will help you with the installation of the WordPress plugins along with their usage and troubleshooting. Email list is a very important aspect of blogging because it helps in retaining the visitors as well as attracting new visitors. Mailing list is one of the best sales mechanisms which can be used to generate profit for small scale businesses. There are several online resources which provide information on the best plugins for email lists.

This article provides a brief list of the most popular email list plugins available for the WordPress users. WP Autoresponder and Newsletter Plugin: This is a free plugin capable of setting up mailing list within a blog. The plugin is known for allowing scheduling of emails, inclusion of customized subscription form. The plugin is known for not using third party plugins. This plugin also allows the bloggers to use their own mail server. Installing the plugin may not be easy and hence, the online help resources can become handy. ALO EasyMail Newsletter: This plugin is more or less similar to the WP Autoresponder and Newsletter plugin. There are some additional features of this plugin. The WordPress help resources can help you to understand the functionality and the features of the plugin. Installation and troubleshooting of the plugin are also included in the help manual. This particular plugin is capable of pulling blog posts and sending them as newsletter. Sendit: There are two separate versions of the this plugin, which are pro and basic. The basic version is available free of cost and it is capable of sending emails in XHTML format.

Additional features are available for the pro version but the users need to purchase the plugin. However, the help resources provide an extensive explanation of installation, usage and troubleshooting of the pro version of the plugin. MailChimp Widget: This is a small plugin which helps in integrating the blog to the server of MailChimp Email List system. This is a paid service but free services are also available. If you are dealing with mailing lists which are light, it is always wise to use the free version which has limited functionalities. If you use the paid services, you may have to follow the installation and usage instructions to be able to use all the functionalities of the plugin. No one can deny that mailing list or email list of the most crucial factors of success over the internet. It is especially important for small and home business which depend heavily on the internet. Most of the bloggers now make use of WordPress as their blogging platform and hence, they need to use the various mailing list plugins. Even though the user interface of these plugins are friend, using online resources for WordPress help to understand the technical complexities behind the apparent simplicity always remains a plus for the bloggers because they can avoid unnecessary expenses.

About the Author

Want to master WordPress and to the very least, go from amateur to season pro? Get the best recommended WordPress training instantly to start getting basics to season pro advice for faster profits.

WordPress Hacked? The Best 9 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Wp Site For Your Company

(submitted 2013-04-19) by Ambrose Kistner

1.It helps you to build your business quickly and easily. With Wp, you’ll begin getting visitors immediately after clicking the “publish” button. Why? Because the search-engines love Wp. Click ‘Publish’ and the search engine bots move into motion. Your content will be indexed and available on the market shortly afterwards.

2. 3.Every post, new site, and new content in general alert the search engines that you have published it. With them running your website often, you get greater site positions, and so more visitors.

4. 5.WordPress is an excellent simple time saver-easy to move in and get stuff done immediately. It is extremely easy to use. There is no need to be a computer expert to utilize it. Generate content rather than fuss with your server settings. Many people find wordpress hackedrather simple to work in after they have had a chance to play around inside the dashboard.

6. 7.The WordPress system is FREE regardless of whether you are running a personal website or a business site–saving you tons of cash. And you receive the same, as well as better coverage on the web for a portion of the cost of a site. All you need is a website name and hosting.

8. 9.WordPress is used by a number of the biggest companies in the world. Should they trust this system with their multi-million dollar businesses, really you can.

10. 11.WordPress is open source meaning that there are people out there who are continually tweaking it is operation, features, and any vulnerabilities. You’ll always have the newest edition offered to you, and for free of course. Up – to – date software is stable and secure software. I

12. 13.It is a really safe system to build your site on. Any WordPress hacking situations are usually related to not updating to the newest versions, or because individuals are making use of passwords that are easy to guess and so, not protected. If you maintain your website up to date, there won’t be any problems with security.

14. 15.Have you been searching for a platform for your group blogging aspirations wordpress hackedallows one to create user accounts which have different levels of privileges, making it easy for those who desire a website with several authors.

16. 17.WordPress websites are fantastic looking, easy-to-navigate, and superb optimized for the search engines.

18. The Symptoms

Without going into the gory details, my friend’s situation was just a little different. Her site actually revealed an all white display with an error message along the lines that a plugin conflict might produce and the hacker simply wanted to crash her website. Ends up he was into taking something else.

I was able to get her site back up and working in reasonably quick order when I did some troubleshooting. In her words

: I should add here, that it merely took Chris 45 minutes to understand and mend what was a somewhat sophisticated hack!

While I had never guarantee to be able to recover a hacked site that quickly, I do have a good track record recovering hacked wordpress hackedsites.

Protecting Yourself

Here are a few things you can do to minimize the chances you’ll wind up getting hacked and optimize the chances to completely recover immediately when your website accident (for whatever reason).

1. Use Robust Passwords.

I really believe this is my friend’s biggest mistake. Again in her words Home Page.

About the Author


Read more about learn more: http://nopasara.com/wordpress-hacked-we-can-help/

WordPress – Helping Web Designers To Create Quick Mobile-Based Websites

(submitted 2012-09-28) by Peter North

Why WordPress is a popular platform to build blogging sites? The reason is the ease with which one can build the site without knowing any complicated concepts of web designing and development. When it comes to create mobile-based websites, WordPress offers great support. How it would become possible? Read the lines below to know more!

With WordPress, one can create the mobile version of the website with great ease. There are several plugins to help the process. Dudamobile is one such plugin to help the bloggers in creating websites that are easy to access at the mobile devices. This plugin saves lot o the time of the blogger and help in quickly getting the desired mobile version of the already established website.

There are no complications involved in installing the plugin as it’s total easy. The plugin provides the blogger with an instant version of the site and provides a preview of the site that could be run at four major operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. A blogger can have any preview at any time during the optimization process so as to view how the changes look.

A blogger can get the mobile version of a website in just four steps.

Here are these steps explained

Step 1: At first step, a blogger has to choose a theme. Initially the same template as that of website is used, but blogger can choose a different theme for the mobile version of the website.

Step 2: In this step, a blogger has to customize the website. Customization can be done with the logo, header, footer, text, background, and navigation. Blog posts and comments section can also be edited in this step. Widgets can be added to enhance the website functionality. The content can be divided into three sections; social, business and design. One can add mobile map, PayPal functionality, photo gallery, and click to call option.

Step 3: Now the time is to make the website live. It’s up to the user to choose the plan that suits them. The premium plan is more feature-filled compared to the basic plan. Premium users can get an m. URL for mobile website while the basic users can have the URL of Dudamobile. After making the website live, it’s time to redirect the website URL so that it could be accessed from the mobile browsers. It’s again simple to say just Yes after making the website live.
Isn’t it simple to take a website onto mobiles in just few steps, without any complications? Dudamobile plugin offers an excellent support to the bloggers who want their website to go live on mobile devices of their prospective customers. There are more functionalities added to the plugin every week, so the best option for the Website Designers and bloggers to have their mobile websites developed without putting much efforts.

About the Author

My name is peter north and i am working for a web design company called WebDesignCC

WordPress Help To Find The Best SEO Plugins

(submitted 2011-10-07) Copyright (c) 2011 Joe Maldonado

Looking for WordPress help to locate the best SEO plugins? Well, you are at the right place as this article is dedicated towards identifying the best SEO plugins for WordPress. WordPress has undoubtedly become the most powerful blogging tool. This blogging tool has earned popularity because of the large number of plugins which help the users to customize their blogs as per their requirements. Of these many plugins, there are several plugins which are meant for search engine optimizations. It may be a difficult task to identify the best. The article helps you to identify the best 5 SEO plugins which can be used to increase search engine visibility.

SEO Smart Links: Webmasters often stress on interlinking. Why so? It is because of the fact that when a blog has proper interlinks, it performs well in search engine searches. SEO Smart Links helps in identifying keywords used for search and then interlinking them with relevant pages and content of the blog. All-in-One SEO Pack: If you are looking for genuine WordPress help, this plugin is a must have for you. This plugin has features like auto page titling, meta data, navigational link management, identification of duplicate content and more. This plugin has been designed and programmed in a fashion that even the beginners can use it like true professionals.

Even professionals can use this plugin for some state of the art SEO. Redirection: It cannot be denied that everyday hundreds of websites are coming into existence. The end result is that contents are being constantly modified or removed. The end result is that the visitors often face the problem of 404 error. This is not at all good from the perspective of the websites and blogs because search engines do not like 404 errors. This results is a fall in page rank. The Redirection plugin helps to avoid this problem by redirecting the pages which end up with 404 errors to those pages which have the actual content. Google XML Sitemaps: Google and other major search engines love XML sitemaps. A sitemap implies that a blog or a website is well structured. Sitemaps help in proper indexing of the pages. This particular plugins automatically creates XML sitemaps and whenever pages are modified, added or removed, the sitemaps are updated automatically. SEO Friendly Images: It is a well known fact that the websites and blogs which use alt tags for the images perform well in search results because search engines cannot understand an image.

They rather look for alternate text. The alt texts help to improve the keyword density. This particular plugin fills up the alt tags and title for the images which do not have these attributes. Search engine optimization is very important for every website and blog because it helps in increasing the income by increasing page rank and traffic. If you are looking for WordPress help for SEO, you can consider using these plugins which are capable of performing the basic SEO for the blogs with requiring to have any hardcore technical knowledge like the professional webmasters.

About the Author

Want to master WordPress and to the very least, go from amateur to season pro? Get the best recommended WordPress training instantly to start getting basics to season pro advice for faster profits.

Learn WordPress

If you are a beginning webmaster, a business owner looking for a way to create a nice looking website for your business, or a seasoned online website pro, then you need to start forgetting about using these free blogs and start taking steps to learn how to start using WordPress on your own sites.

WordPress is absolutely one of the easiest and most user friendly website design platforms; but you need to learn WordPress the right way if you want to actually take advantage of the power of WordPress.

Learn WordPress Fast & Easy

Hands down, the easiest way to discover how WordPress works is simply by getting a good, easy to follow and user friendly video course that walks you through the basics (and even some of the more advanced features) of WordPress.

Most people are visual learners, and a comprehensive video course on how to use WordPress the correct way is hands down the easiest way to understand WordPress that you will find.

Granted, there are a lot of books and online sites that will show you how to learn WordPress but they are very dry; and not very clear.

But when you have a great video course to show you exactly how WordPress works, you’ll quickly realize that you will retain a lot more of what you learn than you will by just reading about it.

With a WordPress video course, it is literally like having a trusted friend allowing you to look over his/her shoulder as he/she walks you through exactly how to:

-Set up your WordPress site fast and easy
-Add pages and posts to your WordPress site
-Add images to your WordPress site
-Change the look and layout (your theme) in WordPress
-Add and configure plugins and the most popular WordPress plugins to use
-Adjust the settings of your new WordPress blog to get the most out of your new blog
-Secure your new WordPress blog to protect it from spammers and hackers

Along with the more advanced features that WordPress has to offer that makes it one of the easiest website development options you have.

Learn WordPress With Video – It’s Actually Fun.. And Easy

When you learn WordPress with a strong video tutorial course, you will also discover that it is fun & easy. You can literally have the videos open in one half of your screen, and be following along and working on your new WordPress site in the other half.

Ad with the visual screenshots literally walking you through the advanced features of using your new WordPress site, mastering the power of WordPress is easier than ever.

Most people set up a WordPress site and they have no idea of the true power of WordPress; they learn just enough to get by and make their blog work.

This is a mistake. If you want to discover the true power of WordPress the right way, and take advantage of the true power of WordPress, then why not take the time and find a good video course that will walk you through how to use WordPress the right way.

By taking the time and spending an hour or two to learn WordPress the right way, you’ll discover you will have acquired skills that you can use over and over.

About the Author

One of the best video courses we have found on how to learn WordPress is also fun and easy to follow. Check it out at to Learn WordPress Video Tutorials